Leaders in safe student transportation

Because Pennsylvania parents rely on Krise Transportation to keep their children safe, our programs integrate best practices for safety at every step.

Our drivers are the heart of our operation. At Krise, every driver receives in-depth training and is assessed for character as well as competence, resulting in an exceptionally dedicated team.

Our comprehensive training program covers rules, regulations, and recommendations set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards.

A key component of our program includes CDL training for new drivers, a valuable skill set our team members are eager to achieve. It’s one of the first steps in our ongoing investment in Krise employees, and one that benefits all of us: our drivers, school district partners, students, their families, and the communities we serve.

Krise conducts regular safety meetings on various training topics, often inviting outside speakers to present. These are paid activities for our employees, and to encourage full participation, attendance at these meetings is a component of our team members’ safety and attendance bonuses.

All of our drivers complete periodic training updates, required every four years as part of PennDOT’s mandated recertification training.

In addition to mandated recertification training, we require all drivers to complete driving evaluations every other year, after all preventable accidents, and as deemed necessary by management.

We pride ourselves on the mutual trust shared among our team members at every level. Our company culture empowers employees to ask questions, make suggestions, and offer meaningful feedback, allowing us to build better student transportation programs over time.

This mutual trust also helps create a culture of accountability. Krise employees hold themselves and each other to high standards, delivering on their daily promise to provide safe, reliable access to education. It’s a mission-driven mindset that encourages every Krise team member to adhere to safer work practices.

We use technology to address challenges such as stop-arm violations, student safety, and effective response in the case of accidents or mechanical breakdowns.

In school districts that have partnered with BusPatrol, our buses are equipped with a camera system that can capture and help prosecute stop arm violations, encouraging adults to be more mindful of school buses on the road.

Camera systems also may provide interior audio and video monitoring on Krise vehicles, all designed to keep students safer and encourage healthy interaction between students, drivers, and parents.

GPS-enabled vehicles offer added protection by allowing our team or emergency services to quickly locate a bus that has become disabled or traveled off its route.

In addition to our rigorous driver training and CDL certification programs, every Krise employee earns certification in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting per Pennsylvania’s Mandated Reporter program. We require this mandatory training program to help keep students safer and to comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations. And to make sure no student is ever left unattended in a Krise bus, drivers perform a sweep of their vehicles at the end of each run. 

We build strong relationships with our district partners, collaborating with them to create a safer environment for students. Our Krise teams share information and resources with their local communities about school bus safety, including steps the public can take to make the ride to and from school safer.

And each year in October, we celebrate National School Bus Safety Week, taking the opportunity to connect with students and their families the responsibilities we all have in keeping kids safe. 

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