The HEROES Mobile Studio Bus was developed by Krise Transportation and American Student Transportation Partners to document and tell stories for and about school bus drivers. The stories celebrate these everyday heroes and shine a light on school bus drivers who are HERE, EVERY DAY, READY, ON-TIME, EXCEPTIONAL, AND SAFE.

Videos from the Heroes Bus Mobile Studio

KT's Bob Reehorst

KT's Lisa Cullough

KT's Johanna Llewellyn

KT's Brittany Shank

KT's Keesha Hoar

KT's Mark Bagrosky

KT's Nadia Ahmad

KT's Walk Renninger

KT's Shauna Kauffman

KT's Megan Ahles

KT's Nic Riden

KT's Jerry McGinty

Husband and Wife drivers - Kathy and Roger

KT's Timeka Thompson

KT's Sandy Hodge

KT's KC Wymer

KT's Glen Black

KT's Don Johnson

KT's Da'nelle Lee

KT's Angela Turner

KT's Chrissy Weaver

KT's Shedrina Parker

KT's Kayla Ohl

KT's Chad McMaster

KT's Axelis Nazario-Justiniano

KT's Addie Ginter

KT's Shanice Jackson

Special drivers for our most important passengers

Krise Transportation's assistance terminal manager talks about how she feels about her staff.

From the HEROES bus - meet Krise Transportation's Amanda

Meet Henry Sykes - Terminal Manager at Upper Perkiomen

Krise Transportation partnership with Lincoln Intermediate Unit

Krise Transportation's Lori Baublitz talks about the work family atmosphere.

Krise Transportation driver Kirstyn talks about taking your kids with you to work.

Krise Transportation Sam Snook - Mifflin Terminal Manager

Meet Krise Transportation trainer - Jennifer

From Krise Transportation, meet lead trainer - Amy

Meet Vicki, a CDL trainer from Krise Transportation

Jim Brown - Hero driver going above and beyond

Krise Transportation Driver Development & Safety Manager, Arlen Sanden?

Krise Transportation's partnership with BusPatrol - keeping kids safe

Krise Transportation - Ashley's story about becoming a driver.

Krise Transportation driver Jim Brown it's all about the kids.

Krise Transportation drivers talk about driving for special needs kids.

Krise Transportation Mechanics talk about teamwork.

Krise Transportation partnership with BusPatrol

Every day in Pennsylvania, hundreds of motorists fail to stop for school buses and put the lives of children at risk. #KriseTransportation Director of Safety and Compliance Scott Labay shows us how KT is partnering with area school districts and local police departments to reduce dangerous driving around its school buses with a new BusPatrol safety program.

School Bus Drivers are heroes. We explain why.

VETERAN'S DAY Recognizing our drivers who also served.

Today and every day, we recognize our hero drivers who also served our country. Thank you for your service.

VIDEO PODCAST Episode #2 KRISE Regional Managers tell us why School Bus Drivers are Heroes!

VIDEO PODCAST Episode 1: Partnerships with our School Districts is the Key to success.

DRIVER PROFILE - Bus Driver To Best Man? School Bus Drivers Are Heroes.

DRIVER PROFILE - Meet Michelle from Hanover

DRIVER PROFILE - Bikes to Buses - Why Addy loves driving for Krise.

What does it take to be a bus driver?

Being a bus driver is great for stay-at-home moms and dads!

What is a casual driver?

Learning to drive the Big Yellow Bus.

Retirees going back to work as school bus drivers.

ABOUT US - Want to work for a company that believes its drivers are Heroes?

COMMUNITY OUTREACH - Thank you to our Hero School Bus Drivers for all they do!

Krise Mechanic Profile - Meet Chris Lang!

Driver Profile- Meet Barb from Spring Grove.

Driver Profile- Meet Karen from Upper Perkiomen.